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5 Powerful Tips to Grow Your Mobile App Using Content Marketing

If you are reading this, you most probably have a mobile app or are promoting one. And you are also aware that it can take tremendous efforts to get people to notice an app when the marketplace is actually burning with over 5 million other apps! Do you think you have the stamina to conquer the world? At least you are trying to. And as an app owner, you might be wondering what marketing tactics to use and what strategy to come up with. Most apps rely on Facebook, Instagram, Google and now also App store ads for growth. But in recent years, content marketing has become the trend. And it actually works if done right.

There are a few reasons why app owners turn to content marketing. The two most important reasons are the following:

  • Content marketing does not require a large budget
  • It can help draw the right people to your product

But what is content marketing?

Content marketing involves driving growth through blogging. There was a time when marketers and growth hackers were doing this through SEO and social sharing. Also, a lot of people use Outbrain and Taboola to feature their content on online newspapers and magazines. This is sometimes an alternative to Google ads.

1. You need a strategy first

Start with creating a content marketing strategy before the app launch. You cannot start too early or too late. As soon as you know what kind of app you are about to launch, you can think about the content marketing strategy, too. Create buyer personas i.e. profiles of potential users or customers. Do your research and try to come up with the most specific and accurate buyer personas. Discover what your buyer personas are interested in, what they usually read, whom they follow and start building your content strategy around this. Your content should provide them with value, otherwise, you won’t be able to sell them anything later on.

2. Create a content calendar

content marketing for mobile apps

A neatly organized content calendar is something you should have in place, too. It is the most important aspect of a content strategy. Think about what kind of content you are going to create for specific dates. Maybe there are special days that your buyer personas celebrate. You don’t want to miss these dates, too. But do not forget that at the core of any content calendar should stand a solid keyword research.

3. Conduct keyword research

The keywords are the words and phrases that people use to search for things on the Internet. And if you use keyword tools properly, you will be able to find good keywords to rank for and make your articles stand out from the crowd. There are a few rules regarding the use of keywords. These are the basics:

  • The keyword should appear in the title, the first paragraph and in a few other places throughout the blog post
  • At least one subheading should contain a keyword
  • Avoid putting any kind of link on the target keyword
  • Don’t use the keyword too much: keep it logical and coherent

4. Think about the tone and voice of your writing

content marketing for mobile apps

Your app is a separate brand so it needs a brand voice. Based on your buyer personas, you might want to make your app sound casual, formal, professional, friendly etc. But as soon as you have decided on this, make sure to be consistent with your voice. Even if you have got different writers, compile a content style guide and ask them to strictly adhere to its rules.

5. Find content distribution channels

An important step in content marketing is the distribution. Oftentimes, people write a really good piece of content without keeping an eye on sharing it or delivering it to its readers. If you think that you can simply add a post to your blog and call it content marketing, you are wrong. Content needs to be perfect but apart from that, you need to find channels for distribution. Find a few good places to publish or re-publish your articles, hit forums where your potential users might be asking questions, share your knowledge and your article links, be helpful.

Content marketing is tough. It cannot bring you overnight success, nor can it provide you with 100% ROI. But its long-term benefits are invaluable for brand awareness and recognition. Think about it!

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