Case Study: How PRIMO regained 15% of its users with Inapptics

Category: Shopping

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

PRIMO is a new way to make money and shop. Their system allows you to skip the line by scanning a PRIMO Tag on the price tag of an item and then simply press checkout. The store then sends the item directly to your home. It works through videos like a commercial or YouTube video, and also through Facebook, Instagram or magazines.

They have recently launched new affiliate system called PRIMO Freedom that allows you to post your unique affiliate PRIMO Tag to Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat and make money whenever your followers or friends make a purchase.


The business challenge

The main challenge the team at PRIMO faced was making the app as easy for the customer to use as possible.

They went through rigorous face to face usability testing but that’s extremely time-consuming to do with over 50 people at a time. It’s also regionally limited to where they had their staff, even though the app store is worldwide.

How did Inapptics help

The situation changed when PRIMO team discovered Inapptics.

It was easy enough for their junior developer to integrate Inapptics SDK into their app in less than 5 minutes. Right away, it allowed them to visually see how users interact with their app at scale, cost effectively, and worldwide.

The team at PRIMO noticed that returning users had to go through a few swipes to get to a certain destination on their app. Based on this observation done through Inapptics, they are now eliminating those 2 extra steps, and from the next release that will be the opening screen of their app.

There’s also a confirmation text which the user has to click somewhat like a hyperlink. It turned out that 90% of PRIMO app users don’t click on that text as they are supposed to do and this results in an error message. From there almost 15% of their users don’t proceed. With the help of Inapptics, PRIMO team quickly noticed this issue and fixed it.


What were the results

This one change in confirmation step alone helped them regain the 15% users they were losing before.

This case with PRIMO proves one more time that in order to retain users you need to do usability testing on your app. Inapptics gives you an easy and cost effective way to get actionable data on how your users navigate in your app and what can you improve to drive better results in user engagement and revenue.